Notices 3rd March 2019

This Week at St Mary’s

The Office is open from Monday to Friday 9am to 12.30pm

 Ash Wednesday Worship

7.30am    Holy Communion with Imposition of Ashe

8.00pm    Sung Eucharist with Imposition of Ashes

                      Allegri: Miserere mei

                       Morales: Parce mihi, Domine


8.30am          Morning Prayer on Monday and Wednesday

8.30am          Holy Communion on Tuesday

12.30pm       Holy Communion on Thursday

Lent Groups (The Parish Office has Contact Details)

Sunday at 9.30am in the Crypt (Contact: Evalyn Lee)

Sunday at 6pm in Church (Contact: Simon Butler)

Tuesday at 7.30pm, locally in Battersea (Contact: Asi Munisi)

Thursday at 1.30pm at the Vicarage (Contact: Leslie Spatt)

This Week at St Mary’s

Monday                     Staff Meeting at 9.15am

Rule of Life Introduction Meeting in Church at 7pm

Bell Ringing Practice at 7.45pm

Tuesday                     Pancake Party for Children in the crypt 4.30pm to 6.00pm

Wednesday               Full Choir Practice at 6.30pm

Sunday 10thMarch     The First Sunday of Lent

 8.30am                          Holy Communion (Traditional Language)

11.00am                          Parish Eucharist with Junior Church & Godly Play

                                             Preacher: Canon Simon Butler

6.00pm                           Broken: Episode 2

                                           Part Two of Our Lent Study Course based on the BBC TV Drama

                                    Please note: this gathering will conclude at or just before 8pm


Prayer Requests

Individuals in need:

Margaret Sutherland, Helene Redding, Simon Munton, Andy Munton, David Mathews, David Razar, Shauna Kearney, Nikki Yates , Frances ,Ruth Merriman, Jennifer Ware, Casidy Cline ,the Joseph family, Tenera Dawkins, William Frost, Annie Hendrie  ,Jill Needham, Sue Reeve and Lourda Derry

 The Departed & their Families:

Simon Pilkington,  Sally Munton,  Karnel Monkarzel,  Betsy, Luke taylor,  Eileen Newton , David Carr,  Peter Mison, ,Lejean Richards, Jose Cornelis, Sarah Cornelis , Magdalena Heard, Pauline Howel ,Anthony Day and Davor Bircich

This Week’s Notices

As we explore the idea of a Rule of Life at St Mary’s – an idea that is capturing people’s imaginations – there will be one last pre-Lent opportunity to find out about this, on Monday 4thMarchat 7.00pm. Please let Simon know if you are coming.       If you want some idea of what a Rule of Life is, please see

 Junior Church (and friends!) Pancake Party: This will be held this Tuesday, 5thMarch, from 4.30pm until 6pm. All the usual pancake fun, plus an opportunity for children to find out about Ash Wednesday and the custom of ashing at the beginning of Lent. Please let Debbie Apostolides know numbers ([email protected])

 Ash Wednesday 6thMarch: Services at 7.30am at 8.00pm.

 Lent Groups 2019: This year’s Lent Groups will be based around the powerful BBC TV Drama ‘Broken’, which aired last year, with Sean Bean as an inner-city priest facing personal and moral crises in himself and his flock. Because the programme airs for an hour over six parts, the Lent Groups will be six weeks long this year, and will last 2 hours, allowing for a good time for chat and discussion. Please sign up at the back of the church as soon as possible.Please note: The Sunday group will begin before Lent on Sunday 3rdMarch, 6pm to 8pm, in place of Evening Prayer.

Possible Trip to Assisi in October: If you would like to express a “no firm commitment yet” interest, but have not yet done so, please let David know in the Office, or contact Hatta Hodson ([email protected]) who is taking names.

Electoral Roll Renewal: Once every seven years we have to throw away our Electoral Roll (membership list) and create a new one from scratch. 2019 is that year! We are going to attempt to complete most of the renewal process by email – with a focus on those already on the roll – so watch out for an email from our new Secretary Sue Bourke in the coming weeks. If you’ve joined the church recently or would like to go on our Electoral Roll because St Mary’s is your spiritual home, please contact the Parish Office or fill out an Electoral Roll form at the back of the church. David Britten.

St Mary’s E-Newsletter: Emrys Lloyd-Roberts has indicated that he wishes to step down as Editor of the Newsletter after the March edition, owing to his relocation to North Wales as his primary home. Although we will be looking at the way we communicate with those who call St Mary’s their church in the coming months, there is a need to fill the gap he leaves with another volunteer. There are no meetings to attend. If you would like to find out more about this role, contact Emrys: [email protected]

Palm Sunday Concert: Buxtehude’s Mebmra Jesu nostri. 14thApril 6.00pm.


Do you support Wandsworth Foodbank, and would you be interested in being able to dispense food vouchers to those in need? Members of St Mary’s a signing up to provide this service to the community, and volunteers are invited to speak to Aaron for more information, or email [email protected]