Notices 30th April 2017

This Week At St Mary’s


Parish Office Closed


Canon Simon Butler unavailable during the day

Holy Communion at 8.30am (Reserved Sacrament)

Sewing Club at 10.30am till 12.00pm

Induction Meeting for new PCC members at the Vicarage at 7.30pm


Morning Prayer at 8.30am

Full Choir Practice at 7.30pm


Holy Communion at 12.30pm


Home Groups (The Parish Office has Contact Details)

Tuesday at 8.00pm (Contact: Colin Wimsett)

Thursday at 1.20pm in Upper Vestry (Contact: Leslie Spatt)

Sunday at 9.30am (Contact: Colin Wimsett)


Next Sunday 7th May: Fourth Sunday of Easter

8.30am          Holy Communion (Traditional Language)

11.00am       Parish Eucharist with St. Mary’s Band & Junior Church

6.00pm          Evening Prayer with Bible Study


Please Pray For…


Those who have asked for our prayers:

Penny Law, Gard Family, Marina Chapman & Family, Amena, Clare, Tom & Patrick, Tom Gilbey, Sheila Lewis, Jim Stewart & Family, Carol Owen and John Hughes


Those who have died recently, their families and friends:

Winifred Blainey, Mary Haise, Tim Lander – Boyce, Joan McPhee, Doris Jones, Mike Dowdall, Lore Berg, Nathan David, Michael Perham and Carol Owen


Bible Reading Suggestions


Monday         Isaiah 30: 15 -21

Tuesday         Acts 7: 51 – 8: 1a

Wednesday  Acts 8: 1b – 8

Thursday       Acts 8: 26 – end

Friday             Acts 9: 1 – 20

Saturday       Acts 9: 31 – 42


Next Sunday’s Readings:

Acts 2: 42 – 47; John 10: 1 – 10




Flowers this Sunday have been provided by Adrienne Slaughter and Gillian Lazar in memory of their parents’ wedding anniversary.


Wandsworth Churches Night Shelter: After its successful first year, the churches involved in this new project are gathering to worship and think about next steps tonight at 6pm at St Mark’s, Battersea Rise. There will be no evening service here. St Mary’s may have the chance to participate in this event next year, possibly in conjunction with Sacred Heart Church and the Katherine Low Settlement.


Church Open to Visitors: If you can help keep the church open during the Summer, please sign up at the back of church. There are two, two-hour slots each Sunday afternoon. No local history knowledge required.


Battersea Society 11th May 2017 7pm for 7.30pm: Talk on our Stained Glass Windows at St. Mary’s as the contribution of the Battersea Society to Wandsworth Arts Fringe given by Caroline Swatch. Here in Church, £5 entrance on the door.


Christian Aid Week: will take place from 14th to 21st May 2017. We are supporting this again, with our main focus on Sunday 14th May. Breakfast after 8.30am service, and a book sale at both services. Envelopes will be available to take away for donations. Contact Carol Brindle or Cal Alphonse for further details.


Termly House Communion: Once a term on a Saturday we hold a Home Communion service for those of our members who cannot get out easily. We provide lifts to and from the venue, assistance in the service and a delicious lunch. It’s a great event and very important to those who attend. We’re currently looking for a little more help with lifts to and from the venue. We’re also looking for an additional in which to hold these occasional events, which needs to be accessible and could accommodate up to a dozen people both for the service and lunch. Please contact Sarah Macnab or Sarah Bryant if you can help ([email protected], [email protected])


A Parishioner is looking to rent a spare room in a flat or house in St Mary’s parish from early June onwards and is wondering if anyone knows someone who could offer her one? I’ll not be there all the time and manage a simple and quiet life at home. I’d like to use broadband internet, share a kitchen and store my bicycle safely indoors. Rent and bills paid monthly or weekly. I am female, worker, non-smoker, and regular worshipper at church. Please contact Sunny at the Parish Office for more details.


Godly Play: Our Junior Church Leaders are having an Introductory Day & Extended Skills Workshop for this new approach to Christian education with children. It’s on Saturday 17th June. There are still a few (free) places if anyone would like to join us. Please have a word with Simon in the first instance. It promises to be very rewarding.


Thank you: for supplying 10 Rosemary plants to Richard Wilkinson, which have been planted last Tuesday against the wall alongside the drive in the churchyard.