Notices 13th May 2018

This Week At St Mary’s



Simon is away attending Archbishops’ Council in York Monday-Tuesday

Morning Prayer at 8.30am

Bell Ringing Practice at 7.45pm



Holy Communion (Reserved Sacrament) at 8.30am



Morning Prayer at 8.30am

Funeral Service for the late Stella Keep at 12.30pm

Full Choir Practice at 7.30pm



Holy Communion at 12.30pm

Memorial Service for the late Brian Moynahan at 3.30pm



The Wedding of James Lovett and Christina Dunn at 3.30pm



Home Groups (The Parish Office has Contact Details)

Tuesday at 8.00pm (meets every fortnight)

Thursday at 1.30pm in Upper Vestry (Contact: Leslie Spatt)

Sunday at 9.30am (Contact: Evalyn Lee and David Britten)


Next Sunday 20th May: Day of Pentecost


8.30am    Holy Communion (Traditional Language)

11.00am  Festival Parish Eucharist with Junior Church and  Baptism of Sasha Pears

6.00pm    Evening Prayer


Please Pray For…


Those who have asked for our prayers:

Daisy & Louis Campbell, Sophia Thomas, Savannah Lubimbi, Janey, Angus Fraser, Ornella Sole, Arthur Edward Bradbury, Pearl Barnes, Jenny Nunes, Franz & Maria Wesselmann and McMeyer Family


Those who have died recently, their families and friends:

Victor, Jenn Thomas, David Lewis, Peter Harriman, Max Shakespeare, Stella Keep, Liz Wickham, Dorothy McBride, Florence Clarke Franklin Foster and Sam Jeffers


Bible Reading Suggestions


Monday:                 Isaiah 22: 15 – end

Tuesday:                 Acts 20: 17 – 27

Wednesday:            Acts 20: 28 – end

Thursday:            Acts 20: 30, 23: 6 – 11

Friday:                   Acts 25: 13 – 21

Saturday:      Acts 28: 16 – 20, 30-end

Next Sunday’s Readings: Acts 2: 1 – 21; Psalm 104: 26 – 36, 37b; Romans 8: 22 – 37;                                                                                                            John 15: 26 – 27, 16: 4b – 15

This Week’s Notices


FaithWorks 18: Summer in the Square Returns: After the presentation in the 11am service today, there will be short time to gather to ask questions about volunteering and getting involved. We are particularly looking for an enthusiastic group of folk to lead on publicity and communications.


Flowers this Sunday: Carol Brindle for her daughter Kirstie’s Birthday


FaithWorks 18: Pilgrimage to Passchendaele: it is now only 3 weeks to go before we go on our Pilgrimage to Passchendaele. You will be receiving a newsletter with the latest updates, and please pay the final balance of £150 by cheque or bank transfer. We have 5 spare places and if anyone wishes to come please contact David Britten 07714 618 577 or E-mail: [email protected]


FaithWorks 18: Ecumenical Pilgrimage Walk around London’s sites of Christian martyrdom will now be on Saturday 30th June (from 10am to 4pm). More details on the board at the back, including a sign-up sheet.


Sunny Walker-Kier finishes her work as a contractor with us on Friday. I would like to thank Sunny for her help and professionalism whilst we have moved over to a new digital accounting system. We are glad to inform you that we have appointed Lia Mendes as Parish Secretary and began work last Tuesday.

David Britten, Church Manager


Revd. Aaron Kennedy will be licensed as Associate Vicar for Community Development and Mission on Sunday 1st July at 11am. This will also be the occasion of Simon’s Silver Jubilee of Ordination as a Priest and so it will be a double celebration. There will be a Choral Parish Eucharist, a Haydn mass with string accompaniment. Simon will preside and Bishop Richard will preach and license Aaron. Both clergy will be inviting guests so there will be a bubbly in the Churchyard afterwards and a Bring and Share Parish Picnic Lunch. Not to be missed!


Brian Moynahan: There is a memorial service for Brian here on Thursday at 3.30pm


Concert: Mumbai StopGap Choir: There will be a special performance – from Bollywood to Beethoven – by this visiting choir from India at Sacred Heart Church on Sunday 20th May at 5pm. The StopGap Choir were founded in Chennai in 1972 to fundraise for some of the poorest people who had been washed out of their homes. It is now based in Mumbai and is on a short tour to the UK. Tickets £5 in aid of Don Bosco BREADS (Bangalore Rural Education and Development Society). A great way to spend Pentecost evening.


Funeral Vergers: We have a small team of vergers who help out at funerals with welcoming mourners on an ad hoc basis. If you would be willing to join in or to find out more, please have a word with David Britten 07714 618 577 or E-mail: [email protected]