Welcome to St Mary’s e-newsletter. We hope you find this new way of keeping in touch with our whole congregation informative and useful.

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You can also read back issues of the Monthly newsletter that was sent from November 2013 to April 2019.


Why an e-newsletter? Our congregation is dispersed widely across South-West London and our members attend with varying frequencies. An e-newsletter doesn’t depend on people being in church to collect the old hard copy St Mary’s Newsletter and recognises the fact that, for many if not most of us, we get much of our information online these days. It’s also a searchable, permanent archive of St Mary’s news.

And for those who aren’t online?: We’ve designed the newsletter to be printable in pdf format. The most recent version can be found right here on this page. The Parish Office turn the e-newsletter into a printed version for those who can’t access the internet and it’s available in a limited number of copies at the back of church.

Is it secure?: We maintain a database of those who have indicated they wish to be communicated with electronically. This newsletter has a subscribe/unsubscribe feature which means readers are in control of their own subscription. Your personal details will not be shared with any third party.

Who’s running it?: The newsletter is being edited by Lucinda Boone, and you can keep in touch with her at [email protected]. He is ably supported in the technical department by R Wickham.

Can I contribute?: By all means! We hope many of you will want to contribute something to this newsletter. It will, naturally, be a way of keeping you in touch with events at St Mary’s, but we want it also to be a way we can inform one another with news, articles, opinion pieces, and ads for special events. Send your thoughts and contributions to Lucinda.