Whom do you Serve? What is your Life Saver?

These questions seem easy, but are difficult to answer.

These questions seem easy, but are difficult to answer. Some of us may answer that God is our saver; others, who within ourselves serve material things, may say, “nothing”. Some of us, even if we answer that we’re serving the Living God, might shock others by what we do in private, as we really serve something else.

I am not here to criticise, simply to express what I believe. In Deuteronomy 5:1 Moses called together God’s people, telling them of the necessity to observe the covenant God made with them. Having pointed out that God was with them face to face, Moses reminded them in verse 7 that God had said not to have any other gods.

We can all see that many are worshipping money, or material possessions. Money has become their master. No doubt, money can be good if used for good purposes, but a bad master when worshipped. You can’t worship God and money (Matthew 6:24). Ultimately, money/material possessions cannot be your Life Saver.

Our purpose is to worship God only. There’s no doubt that we have financial needs, but we should concentrate on our spiritual needs and build our souls on God.

We should all ask ourselves, ‘How big is our God?” What do we consider most important? In essence we should ask ourselves, “What is my life all about?” To find our purpose we must look to God and fit into God’s plan for us. That is the ‘Intended Purpose’. However, people can devise an ‘Invented Purpose’. Where God’s purpose is not known, or is intentionally ignored, abuse is inevitable.

Everyone of us has wishes and dreams to be comfortable in life. Whatever your interpretation of that is, bear in mind what is revealed in the Bible, such as in the Ten Commandments. Many have gone out of their way to acquire wealth wrongly by embezzlement, corruption or similar methods. We must ask God to show us how to achieve clean riches, not stinking ones. We must always pray first so that we do not act contrary to God’s Intended Purpose for us.

May God bless you all as we continue our pilgrimage on earth.

Gladys Ikeme (Child of God)