What a Speedy Life with Unachieved Goals

Sometimes I wonder where we’re all rushing to.

Sometimes I wonder where we’re all rushing to. When the year is coming to an end
some of us make our New Year Resolutions.
When you come to think about it, we wonder how many do keep to their resolutions. As
for me, I have stopped making resolutions because either I don’t keep to them or forget
to execute them.
Yes, there’s always joy when one is coming to the end of the year, when one hears
“Happy New Year!” You think and ask, “What have I achieved this passing year?” The
new year comes as a challenge, reminding us that even though we had unachieved
goals in the old year, we can start again hoping for a better year.
I don’t expect us to wear our hearts on our sleeves. We treasure our secrets, and go
through life pretending most of the time, but the truth is that almost all of us realise now
and again that we feel we have made a mess of things, failed miserably, fallen far short
of expectation. This depresses us, we judge ourselves hopelessly, which may worry us.
It can sometimes trouble us so much that it breaks us.
But it need not, and should not. That’s why God says, “Come into me ye that are heavy
laden and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28) We can start again wherever we are and
at any moment in time. If we have done wrong, we can get on our knees, ask for
forgiveness, and stand up straight, determined, with God’s help, to live more godly, do
better, make amends and begin afresh.
Some say that life has been too unkind to them, with no steady job, no roof above their
head and insufficient money. This can be at 40 or in old age. They feel they cannot keep
on. Maybe the job is too tough, or they are waiting for a job. What you began with
courage and faith, if you think you can complete it, you can! Don’t give up. God loves
you. Be peaceful, pure and blameless.
I think of the atrocities, uncertainties and problems everywhere. I feel the world is sad
mad and bad. Come to Jesus. That’s all you need for success. Make your heart a
spiritual dwelling place for Jesus.
May you all live a long life with a good legacy in Jesus’ name.
Gladys Ikeme. (child of God)