Westbridge Primary School Summer Fete

Asi reports on the Westbridge Primary School Summer Fete

Probably not what Westbridge is best known for, but the school has absolutely turned a corner. With a new head in place and a great senior team, they pulled off a great Summer Fete. There were fun games where you could win prizes, Josh my son and I played this fantastic ball game where you had to get the ball to fall down a path and hit enough numbers on the end to add up to 14. Josh and I tried numerous times at 20p a go and eventually won a couple of mugs and some chocolate.

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There was great food which included some lovely African Jolloff rice, chicken, BBQ, popcorn and candy. The atmosphere was lively and it was lovely to see the community coming together to support the local primary school. I was sorry not to see more of St Mary’s folk at the fete.

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The highlighted events that took place were Westbridge’s got talent; pupils of the school came forward to showcase their talent and there were 3 judges who would crown the winner. There was a lot of talent, so in my opinion, the fact that they even got up on the stage, they are all winners. Of course our choir did not miss the opportunity to perform. This was the choirs first outside performance, and they performed so well, considering they were not miked up.
I was so proud of them and we look forward to performing at St Mary’s fair on Saturday 20th September 2014.
I pray that the summer holidays will be a time for families to spend more time together and enjoy that time.
Kind regards,
Asi Munisi
Families & Children’s Minister
Mobile. 07462655043