We Gather now in Junior Church

Every Sunday apart from first Sunday Junior church is held in the crypt during the 11am service.

The opening to our Junior Church theme song. Every Sunday apart from first Sunday we gather together and sing ‘We gather now in Junior Church, to sing and worship God’ to the tune of ‘Here we go round the mulberry bush’. We then sing a hymn together. As we are in Lent for our lent journey in Junior Church we are building on singing ‘One more step along the world I go.’ There are 5 verses and by Palm Sunday we will be singing all 5 verses and thinking each week how we have grown closer to God.

We then split into groups pebbles for children aged 3-6 and rocks for children aged 6 and up. There is a roots magazine publication that we subscribe to. This is an excellent resource that helps with ideas around the lectionary readings each Sunday. Lessons are generally a presentation of the gospel followed by an activity around that gospel message.

Do you feel born to teach? Or do you enjoy passing on lessons of your faith journey?
If so why not become a Junior Church Leader? This would involve planning a session (you will be shown how to do this and shadow another leader a few times before leading your own session) around the gospel theme for the Sunday you are on the rota for, which would be around once every six weeks and attending meetings with the other leaders once a quarter. Please do get in touch with Asi Munisi if you feel you’d like to test it out. You would be most welcome to have a taster session on a Sunday of your choosing.

From October we usually start rehearsing for our Christmas presentation, which is such a lot of fun to do.

The cast of Holy boy

The cast of Holy boy

Some of our group from last years presentation of ‘Holy boy’.

Before Christmas comes Easter and on Good Friday 3rd April, from 10am-1pm will be our Good Friday workshop for children, with our own Good Friday Service at 12.30pm-1pm. This years theme is ‘Lord I lift your name on high’.
Kind regards,
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