War Comes Home

Remembering Battersea’s Civilian Casualties

Did you live in Battersea during the war?  Are you interested in what it was like to live here during those years?  There’s a new project that aims to celebrate and recall the 500 or more local civilians who lost their lives during the bombing 1940-45.

Through research and recorded interviews with survivors, the project aims to learn as much as possible about these children, women and men; where and how they lived; and what happened to them.  We plan to produce a booklet, at least one talk and exhibition, and perhaps a theatrical performance in 2018.  Local schools will be invited to be involved.

We will start on Sunday, 18 June with a 40’s-themed tea party in Christchurch Gardens, which houses a memorial to those killed in the raids.  It’s free, with food, songs and games.  The tea party is supported by the Battersea Society, Katherine Low Settlement and Christ Church and St. Stephen.

If you would like to know more, or to get involved,

email: [email protected].

Or visit the website https://warcomeshome.eventbrite.com.