Wandsworth Foodbank Update

The total weight of food donated by St Mary’s was 209.4kg, which Wandsworth Foodbank estimate will provide 499 meals for local families in crisis.

Dear all at St Mary’s Church Battersea

Thank you once again for your generous donation of food this harvest time. The total weight of food you donated was 209.4kg, which we estimate will provide 499 meals for local families in crisis. This is a great achievement – your donations will make such a difference to many local people who are in crisis.

Your generosity, teamed with churches and other faith groups, other schools, businesses and individuals in the community meant that we were able to provide enough food to feed more than 4000 local people last year.  It’s a privilege to hear their stories over a cup of tea and toast and to see how we can help them find further help to resolve the crisis that has brought them to the Foodbank.

One of our guests told us “The food has given me more energy so I can achieve the things I was trying to do. I had plans but without the food I lost my concentration. When I’m hungry at night I can’t sleep. I like unpacking my bags of food and putting it away in the cupboard, it makes me feel secure.”

So thank you again for your generosity. Gifts like this will mean that more families and individuals in crisis across the borough will be able to find a warm welcome, a listening ear and emergency food at one of our five Wandsworth Foodbank centres.

Wandsworth Foodbank