This month’s contribution from Gladys Ikeme

Glady shares her thoughts on Joshua 1:5

I will always be with you; I will never abandon you. (Joshua 1:5 Good News translation)

I was brought up in a Christian family and my mother was wonderful in praying. She always said that with God beside you, from an eternal perspective, nothing bad will ever happen to you. We held onto God, trusted and had faith in God.
In one of my dreams during the Nigerian/Biafra Civil War, I was assured by God that I would be safe since I still had a lot to do for Him in my life. I believed this strongly. I used to tell my parents this dream.
The Civil War, from 1968 to the end of 1969 was searing. There was a lot of evacuation due to constant bombing, deaths of dear ones and lack of food. Being a nurse working in a hospital environment, I organised prayers for the wounded and reassured them that God is good always. I quoted Psalm 34:8 telling them to taste and see that The Lord is good.
One day I was sleeping on my bed after a tedious night shift when the siren sounded a warning that a bomber plane was overhead. Other nurses ran out and went down different bunkers to take cover. The bombing started. Part of the building I was in
collapsed, but where I was survived. I never heard the bombing, as I was deeply asleep. God took me and hid me under His wings (Psalm 91:4). It was only after the bombing that my colleagues came looking for me and found me in bed partially covered with
debris, sand and dust. Who would have believed this?
God promised that He would always be with me and He kept His promise! Our God is a God of Promise and He never fails. He will guard and guide. He promised to be with us always and to never abandon us in Joshua 1:5. I also remember the words in Job 5:8,9
(Good News translation) “I would turn to God and present my case to him. We can not understand the great things he does, and to his miracles there is no end.” I’m still alive due to God’s grace. Sometimes I feel I am living on borrowed time, but God
knows best. Whatever your situation in life, pray to God for His guidance and protection. From my own experience, I know that the words, “Jesus’s Blood” and “Holy Ghost” have fantastic powers. Ask me about them sometime.

May God bless you all, Children of God. Amen!