The Annual Church Meeting

Please do come along on 24th April to our Annual Parochial Church Meeting.

Our Annual Parochial Church Meeting takes place on Sunday 24th April, during and after the 11am Parish Eucharist. It will be followed by a bring-and-share Parish Lunch. We do hope that many of you will want to stay and take part in these important moments, which – done well – are a celebration of Ministry and Mission in our Church.

But what actually happens?

  • We hear what the Church Council has been up to over the past year. This can be an important moment to ask questions and to raise issues of concern about the life and work of the church. But it’s also a moment to mark what has been done on behalf of the Church and to celebrate our achievements
  • We choose or elect people to serve in various roles. Every year we elect a Churchwarden and a number of new members to the Parochial Church Council. Please do be thinking about standing for these roles – they are important leadership roles at St Mary’s. Nomination sheets can be found on the back noticeboard. You need a proposer and a seconder. We are particularly under-represented by men and by black and minority ethnic members of the PCC at the moment. We would particularly encourage people in these groups to stand.
  • We receive the Annual Financial Statements – the Accounts. It’s important to have financial transparency and to be accountable for the way we spend the church’s money – much of it from your generous giving.
  • We receive some important reports on the condition of the Church, it’s belongings and property. It’s important that you know we’re looking after things!
  • We usually have a special item of particular interest to members of the Church. In recent years this has ranged from the Nine Elms Development to our Mission Action Plan. This year Simon will be updating the church on developments on our Mooring Scheme, which it is hoped will be completed in the next year or so. Long-standing St Mary’s members will appreciate the significance of this!
  • Church Members get to raise any issues or questions you wish. But if it’s a small thing, then please raise it with a member of the PCC or Staff Team informally.


So please do come along on 24th April. St Mary’s relies on many volunteers who serve in very diverse ways. This is a moment to thank some of them and to be energised and excited about what is coming next.