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Our low ‘Cyber IQ’ is a gift for HACKERS

I found this in the news paper this morning.

Our low ‘Cyber IQ’ a gift for HACKERS

METRO. Monday 19th October 2015. Page21

“BRITISH workers still show a lack of cyber awareness with millions putting themselves at risk from hackers.

Only 29 per cent understood that a more complex password gave them better protection, according to a cyber IQ test of 1,000 workers.

Nearly half were ‘NOT SURE’ if cyber criminals could attack mobile devices.

MARK JAMES, of internet security firm ESET, said “Our study shows consumers are still very behind in terms of cyber awareness. Criminals are constantly looking at ways to exploit mobile devices.”


When asking mobile device users ‘Do you know what antivirus or anti spyware program is running on your mobile device?’ the number of people that say they don’t know is a lot closer to 100%.

I also asked ‘Are you using a word as your password?’ this is also a lot closer to 100%.

The term ‘PASSWORD’ does not mean pass word (see WW1 & 2 type pass word)

It means a string of graphic characters, uppercase, lowercase and numbers used as a counter sign to a person’s identity.

The minimum of eight characters is because of the ease with which it can be memorised. This also means that it is hacked with the same amount of ease.

Please think about what you are doing and the medium that you are using.

Winston Barnes