Southwark Cathedral

Update by Alison Wintgens

Following my piece last month about Pastoral Care at Southwark Cathedral I just wanted to let you know about 2 splendid installations / art works in the cathedral during Lent, both by artists who live and work in the Diocese. You may also have read about them in the press.
Edmund de Waal’s Another Dayis in the retrochoir at the east end of the cathedral. It consists of twelve freestanding vitrines nearly 7 feet high, each containing a single pottery vessel. The towers of glass give a hint of what lies inside, and we are reminded of St Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians Now we see through a glass darkly.

Angela Wright has used 152 kilos of wool to create a dramatic hanging that falls from the top of the Great Screen of the High Altar and pools onto the sanctuary floor. It symbolises different things to different people – a shroud, a pouring out, tears flowing like a waterfall, or something else?

I urge you to go and see them before April 19th

But you won’t be seeing the cathedral cat, Doorkins Magnificat (I must apologise
for mis-spelling her name in the previous article). Somehow cats and wool
creations don’t go together – or go together too well! So Doorkins has been sent on
retreat during Lent, to the Happy Cattery in south London. But you can read a
message from her that is on the right side of the retrochoir near her favourite
seat, reassuring everyone that she is happy and in good company and will be back
for Easter!