Sophie Watson’s Poem for Kate Bishop’s Memorial Service

Sophie Watson’s Poem for Kate Bishop’s Memorial Service

Sophie Watson’s Poem for Kate Bishop’s Memorial Service


Alison, Nigel and Sophie Watson continued to keep in touch with Kate after their move to South Holmwood, near Dorking in 2013. Alison continued to make tasty meals for Kate, filling up her freezer. Kate’s memorial service started with a poem Sophie, now aged 11, had written specially for the occasion. She was happy for this to be in the magazine and Alison writes the following introduction:


Kate and Sophie had a special relationship. With both sets of grandparents in the north (Scotland and Yorkshire), Kate became Sophie’s “London Granny.”

Kate took a special interest in Sophie’s education and required a detailed weekly account of the topics she was studying at school. In turn, Sophie loved hearing Kate’s stories about her childhood and marvelled at the changes she had seen in her lifetime.

Kate wanted Sophie to write a poem for her memorial service and her efforts are below.


A life rich in music from a very young age,

A voice soaring on high from church pew,

A supporter and critic and lover of song,

A passion to the end of her days.

A life full of flowers and a garden of joy,

A window ledge of cuttings to bring on,

A mulberry tree planted so many years ago, now

towers overhead giving shade.

A life full of learning and an inquisitive mind,

The simple pleasure of Scrabble with friends,

Learning new languages and night school for fun,

An accountant’s sharp brain to the end.

A life full of giving, support for those in need,

Bread and marmalade for schools in Mozambique,

A passion for politics and the sharing of wealth

Strong values upheld throughout life.

On this day, we remember with our own private thoughts,

The memories held dear in our hearts,

We celebrate a life lived in its own special way,

Our wonderful friend – Kate.