A friend and member of St. Mary’s is looking for employment


Rohini came to Battersea from Sri Lanka in 2006 in order to become a house keeper, carer and cook for an elderly gentleman. She worked for him for 8 years and during that time gained British Citizenship. On his death her work ended and with it the loss of her accommodation. A number of friends from St Mary’s have supported her in seeking advice and getting the help of a solicitor for homeless people. At this time Rohini was a woman of 50 years with no dependants, with no addiction to drugs or alcohol and as a British citizen unable to return to live in Sri Lanka in consequence of this she was not considered to be a vulnerable person in need of accommodation.
Wandsworth Council eventually provided temporary accommodation in a hostel for just over a year but nothing after that.

St Mary’s and the Charity Spires have helped Rohini in many practical ways and although Shelter was unable to help with accommodation they provided work for her as a volunteer in one of their shops in Streatham. As a result of this work she was introduced to the Community of Emmaus who gave her a room and made her a Companion in return for working for the Community.

After all the unhappiness and uncertainty of the past few years Rohini has never lost her faith and trust that Christ is with her and will provide.
Emmaus is now offering her the chance to move to small, low rented accommodation, provided she can find employment which could be part time,  the employer must be able to provide her with a form of Contract of Employment and wage slips.

Please, if you have any contacts who might be able to help, contact me.

Cynthia Newman.
briancy[email protected]