Reverend Ann Lynes – new adventures

A letter from Reverend Ann Lynes who is about to become the vicar of Holy Trinity Northwood.

When I came to live in Battersea in 2006, I had no idea of the events that lay in store for me during the next four years… becoming a bell ringer, visiting the Holy Land for the first time, attending a Cursillo weekend and finally, being selected for training to ordained ministry and resigning from a permanent, full-time job. God works in mysterious ways!
Since then, I have spent 3 years studying at Oxford (with a 5 week placement at the cathedral in Montreal) and 3.5 years serving as a curate in Barnes. Added to all of this, last summer I entered into a Civil Partnership with Dr Sigrun Wagner, and this has been and remains a real source of blessing. 
And now we are about to embark on another adventure, that is I have been appointed and am about to become the vicar of Holy Trinity Northwood. I shall be sad to say goodbye to south-west London, but Northwood is located in a lovely part of north-west London, and really isn’t that far (I hope) for friends to come and visit!
Speaking of which, if any of you would like to come to Holy Trinity Northwood for my licensing you would be most welcome. It is scheduled for Monday 27th February 2017 at 8pm. Please get in touch or speak to Debbie or Sue if you would like more information.
I have such fond memories of my time living in Battersea and worshipping at St Marys and am very thankful for your continued friendship and support. I continue to hold you in my thoughts and prayers, even as I ask you to keep me in yours.
Every blessing,
Reverend Ann Lynes