Remember God

Thoughts from Gladys

It Never Rains but it Pours; Always Remember God is in Control
Life is full of changes. One day things go very well, the next day, you’re totally confused,
life seems to have turned you upside down! “Why me?” you ask. “What have I done
wrong?” You ask many “whys” but the answer keeps staring at you.
We enjoy life forgetting someone gave us this life to serve Him. He planted us with a
good destiny, but we forget to pray and thank God, rushing around like speed boats. Let
me give you an example from something that happened to me.
I came back from sight seeing one day, tired. After lunch I stayed on my relaxing chair,
raised my legs on a cushioned chair to watch the television but slept. Someone came
and dropped a note through my pigeonhole after knocking with no answer. When I got
up I saw the note. It was from my neighbour living directly under my flat, whom I don’t
know from Adam. He left his telephone number. He wrote that he suspected that I have
a flooded bathroom and water was dropping on his bathroom ceiling. Problems don’t
announce their arrival.
I examined my bathroom but saw no sign of any flood. However, I rang, apologised and
promised to deal with whatever the problem was. Having rang the Council to report the
situation, a plumber came immediately to inspect both flats. The problem could not be
detected due to a heavy plank across my bath. I asked the plumber to remove it, but he
vehemently refused. I was left with the problem unresolved.
I contacted British Gas, since I have an insurance with them, thank God. The following
day someone came and removed the plank and discovered that I had a leaking copper
pipe. There was a real flood. I thank God this was detected and the pipe changed after
only 24 hours. It was also discovered that my drainage was equally bad and this was
also taken care of. As I said, it never rains but it pours. At least now I’m not a threat to
my neighbour!
Heaven only knows what’s going on in your lives: bereavement, joblessness, poor
results or failure, financial strain, unsatisfied desire, emptiness. Such is life, but there is
one thing to remember – with God all things are possible (Mark 10:27). Also remember
that God will not give us what will be too much for us to bear (1 Corinthians 10:13).
Remember, always live in peace with your neighbours and help when they’re in need.
Learn to accept whatever comes with an attitude of calm and inner freedom: this is one
of the secrets of happiness. Make the whole armour of God your guide in life
(Ephesians 6:10-20).
What’s your story?
Gladys Ikeme