Reflections on the road to Christianity

A Journey of Faith by a newly confirmed member

As I am from a very different background compared to other members of this church, I was not lucky enough to be born in a free country and had no rights to chose my own faith. I had  to practice what I was told, although I knew it was wrong in my heart. I’ve made a long journey to be where I am now and I feel fortunate and privileged to be a member of St. Mary’s Parish Church.
I became familiar with the Christian faith by taking part in the 2013 Alpha Course. There, for  the first time, I met some of the most inspiring people in my life. Everyone was so welcoming  and open-minded. I was not pre-judged. This gave me the feeling that I was in a safe  environment.
After the Alpha Course, I continued reading about Christianity. Simon, our Vicar, had a great  influence on me by lending me books which were inspiring and eye-opening. I was introduced to new ideas and perspectives towards life which I had never thought of before.
All I ever wanted to be, and my idea of a perfect God was contained in the Christian faith. I
found my God, “The God of Love”.
Every single member of St. Mary’s is an inspiration and role model for me. Simon is my ideal  of an intelligent and talented person who, unlike many other religious leaders I have known,  is not dull or boring. I can not thank him enough for his help and support in my journey of  faith.
I live on my own in this country. Carole and Robert Cooles have been like parents to me. Not only have they welcomed me to this church but also to their household and family.
Ruth Holleley introduced me to the choir. She is what I aim at for singing. I always enjoy her
company and good sense of humour. Tyrone has been so patient and helpful in my musical  education.
I consider Peter and Alison Wintgens to be an example of a perfect couple. Alison is such an  extraordinary woman; full of positive energy and adventurousness. Debbie Apostolides is an  example of the perfect woman I would love to be one day. She is a hard-working woman, a  lovely mother and an inspiration to many other women like me.
There are so many other amazing people, whom I love and adore in this church, but can not  name all of them individually. I feel like I have found myself a great home and an amazing  family here in St. Mary’s and I am grateful for that.