I grew up advised that problems have to be solved by human beings and not the other way round

I grew up advised that problems have to be solved by human beings and not the other way round. We were taught how to do this by our parents, teachers, and older siblings, to name a few. Gone are the days when, with a few problems, I wondered how I was going to live.

I believe that I can have solutions to problems since I take them to God in prayer and God acts.

I stumbled across a book entitled, “Every Problem as a Solution” by Toshu Fukami (ISBN 4-88692-841-2). In the front of the book there is this message, “Read this book and watch your problems evaporate overnight.” For those who are patient enough to try this, you will smile away your problems, as you will find a solution to headaches. I have this book in my inner chamber and never lend it to anyone.

Inasmuch as we are children of God, temptations will come; we solve one and another surfaces, sometimes they come in 2s or 3s or 4 at a time! This is what life is all about. To gain wisdom, talk to God in prayer. Remember, don’t always expect an immediate answer. Be patient. There is a saying that the patient dog eats the fattest bone.

Life is not always comfortable; sometimes there are many thorns. AS an example, a few nights ago, I went to bed really tired, expecting to sleep for 8-10 hours. At 3:25 am I was awaken by the telephone ringing. I jumped up as I thought it must be daybreak. When I said “hello”, the person hung up. I tried tracing the call but was informed that the number was concealed.

I thought this was a real Satan in disguise as at 9:55 am there was another call and again a concealed number. I wondered what I had done wrong or whom I had wronged. I prayed that God would cover me with the blood of Jesus. I remembered that in Isaiah 54:17 I read that no weapon fashioned by the enemy will have effect on the children of God. I prayed for the caller and wondered why the identity was hidden.

I remembered that in Psalm 37:17 it is said that the arm of the wicked will be broken and that the LORD will uphold the righteous. I know that God has made me the head and not the tail. I’m well protected by the Holy Ghost. Be good always and you’ll be the first and not the last.

Open your mouth and thank God for all these wonderful things: water, food, a roof over your head, your eyes, hands – everything. We are told in 1 Thessalonians 5 18 to give thanks in everything, for this is the will of God in Christ.

Even if the Enemy tries to hinder us, God is in control of the world and loves us. The word of God has power to change your life. He has great plans for us!

Be blessed.

Gladys Ikeme, Child of God.