Prayer List

Please remember in your prayers this month.

Please remember in your prayers:

The Sick and Those in Need:

Robin Garton; Megs & Olivia Keetch & family; Andrew Lee; Sonia Smith & Gerald Twum; Tony Trudgewell; Margaret & family; Jenny; David Moorby; The Maxwell Family; Billy Garrett; Elia Munisi; Sarah Chaudoir; Barbara Leser & family.

Sheila Lewis; Winifred Stone; Daisy & Louis Campbell; Adrian Fierz; Theo Prazak; Chuck Blankenship; Pearl Barnes; Luis Vincente; Rohini.

Those Who Have Died:

Ivy Kirmatzis; Illtyd Harrington; Jean Saffrey; Eric Keetch; David Drew; Bernie Leser; Christopher Temple

And we pray for the families and friends who support and care for the sick; and mourn the loss of the departed.

The intercessory prayer book lives on the little table under the pulpit to the left of the side altar. You are very welcome to enter names of anyone who is in special need of our prayers; but we ask that you please write clearly or in print so that we read them out correctly. Where possible please ask their permission and please put a surname – and your name as the contact unless they are a member of the congregation. Names stay on the list for a month, but do put them back on the list at any time of special need. Names of the departed also stay on for a month.

We pray for everyone in our intercessory prayer book each Sunday (except for the first Sunday of the month or when there is a baptism); and at Morning Prayer during the week we pray for them and those in our congregation with longer term needs.