People are Living in Fear – Are You Different?

Before I went back home to Nigeria in March 2017, I had lots of mixed feelings because of horrible news I had heard about Nigeria. There had been kidnappings of babies, teenagers and married women to be used for rituals and a way of getting rich quickly. There was news of hardship and hunger. I also had tacycardia, which is a fastness of heart beat. I had fears, but I was not deterred from travelling because I had prayed fervently for protection.

Two days before my flight I was completely exhausted. Normally, I am usually packed by that time, but in this case, I was still packing the morning of my departure.

Even the day of my flight there was the Westminster Bridge killings. Someone rang me to say that I had escaped, but I replied that it is God’s grace that I should be leaving at that time. I was moderately nervous that morning and prayed that God would intervene as I needed to go home. I had faith that God wold see me through.

For various reasons, I decided to use an airline that was previously unknown to me, Ethiopian Airways. It was a long journey, as the flight stopped in Addis Ababa where we waited for 6 hours. There was a long delay in transferring our luggage and the baking heat did not help.

Again, I prayed to God for help, and help came. On arrival in Nigeria I could see my relatives waving to me, saying ‘Welcome Home!’ My heated body cooled down as I went into my brother’s air-conditioned Range Rover. He hugged me and made me feel very welcomed. It was good to be home! There followed a meal with a wonderful menu. All my anxieties evaporated.

I rested for a couple of days. I was then ready to move on. I consider that going home includes reassuring relatives that God is in control. I felt that I had to share with them the message that God is greater than the evil in the world. I believe that God sent me to help, which I did.

With God, all impossibilities are made possible. Why live in fear? Believe in the Lord almighty.

Fellow Christians, know that as much as we are presently suffering, we should remember this will not be for ever. For our God is watching and will rescue us at the right time. Although it seems that things have gone from worse to worst and Satan seems to be sending fears, saying that we can’t make it, don’t give up. Say, ‘With God I shall and will in Jesus’ name.’

May God bless you all. Amen

Gladys Ikeme

(Child of God)