PCC Minutes 10 March 2015

A new regular feature – the PCC meeting minutes.




Chairman:                             Rev’d Canon Simon Butler (SB)

Honorary Curate:                 Rev’d Peter Wintgens (PW)

Assistant Curate:                 Revd. Dr. Philip Krinks (PK)

Vicar’s Warden:                    Debbie Apostolides (DA) (also Deanery Synod)

Church Warden:                  Sue Whitley (SW)

Hon Secretary:                     Adrienne Slaughter (AS)

Treasurer:                              Nicholas Kidd (NK)*


Deanery Synod:                   Emma Belak (EB)*               Leslie Spatt (LS)

Carol Brindle (CB)*


Elected Members:                Libby Bradshaw (LB)           Roz Massouras (RM)

Ellie Cooke (EC)                  Hedley Maxwell (HM)

Matthew Guest (MG)           Abigail Quaye (AQ)*

Sue Hughes (SH)                Faith Saunders (FS)

Cynthia Newman (CN)       Edward Standring (ES)                                                       Evalyn Lee (EL)                   Alison Wintgens (AW)

Sara Linton (SL)



1 PK led the meeting in prayer.

Welcome to New Members and Apologies for absence (*):

SB welcomed EC to the PCC and also the return of ES, RM and AQ. Apologies had been received from NK, CB and AQ. SL had advised SB that she would be late.


3 Notification of Any Other Business:SB confirmed that PCC minutes are displayed in church following approval. Consideration would be given to providing copies within the context of the regular e-newsletter.





4 Minutes of the meeting held on 10 March 2015The Minutes of the previous meeting were approved as a true record. The following amendments were noted:-

(a)  AQ was not in attendance.

(b)  Regarding the sale of Pritchard Court, LB’s comment should read: ‘Was unsure action should be taken on selling the property at present whilst we are still reviewing our financial situation.’

(c)  Unfortunately the numbering of the various items was inaccurate.

(d)  MG felt that his late arrival (8.25 p.m.) should have been recorded.

(e)  To clarify ‘amnesty month’, this is an opportunity for anyone who is a member of one of the Working Groups and for whatever reason would like to retire.


5 Appointment of OfficersThe following four appointments were proposed by SB and agreed by all present:-

Lay Vice-Chair:           SW

Honorary Treasurer:   NK

PCC Secretary:           AS

Electoral Roll Officer:   Sunny Walker-Kier

Elected Standing Committee Members: RM & EL


6 Matters Arising from the Minutes 

(a)  Barge Scheme:

There is still some information required from the various parties involved which the solicitors needs before they can proceed. This mostly relates to the Port of London Authority and evidence of ownership of the various barges.


(b)  River Wall:

SB confirmed that a meeting had been scheduled with Wandsworth Council to ascertain the liability for and extent of the repairs. A subsequent meeting with the barge owners was scheduled for 1 June. PK has agreed to be Project Manager responsible for co-ordinating the various works.


(c)  St. Mary’s Fair:

This will take place on 19 September 2015 and Phillip McCulloch and Miriam Farley have agreed to help in its organisation and one other couple. It was noted that the week-end of 19-20 September is also ‘open house’ in which Sarah Macnab is involved.


(d)  Parish Support Fund:

SB explained the nature of the Parish Support Fund (PSF) and the end of the Fairer Shares Scheme. A decision as to our pledged amount will need to be decided upon by the PCC at the 7 July meeting. SB asked members to consult information on the Southwark Diocesan Website, especially the video and the introductory booklet.

It was noted that the PSF pledge would need to take into account all income received and not just that ‘assessable’ from the congregation as under Fairer Shares.

SB circulated a questionnaire which he would like returned by June 5th.

It was noted that it is likely that this year’s contribution will be similar to that of last year, i.e. approximately £105,000, although the number of parishioners making a pledge has gone down by about eight percent.

It was noted that approximately £17 million per annum is needed by the Diocese in order to fund the ministry of the diocese, chiefly its provision of clergy to the parishes.

It was questioned that if a proposed contribution is not considered acceptable what would be the ramifications. SB suggested that possibly a parish would not be considered suitable for a curate.

In closing discussions it was questioned as to whether the congregation was being as generous as it should be and if not, how we could go about improving the situation.


































7          Minutes of the Annual Parochial Church Meeting: 

AS apologised that she had not yet been able to draft these and will endeavour to get these circulated as soon as possible.




8 Vicar’s Notices: 

Cash Collections: SB had emailed an apology for the lack of communication regarding the changes to the procedures regarding the counting of the cash collections.


Ordination of PK to the priesthood: This will take place on Saturday, 4 July and PK will then be presiding at the 11.00 o’clock Eucharist the following day. PK will remain at St. Mary’s for a further two years, probably moving to a new parish during his fourth year (i.e. 2017-18).

9 Mission Action Plan (MAP) – Adoption and Implementation 

The PCC approved the MAP as drafted. This now becomes the basis of St Mary’s mission and ministry priorities for 2015-20.

The following points were noted:

·         A number of helpful suggestions had been made at the APCM which were reflected in the final version.

·         The PCC will delegate the work to the various Working Groups (however see 10 below) with the intention of reporting back regularly to the PCC and congregation in November and at the 2016 APCM

·         SB undertook to establish a group of PCC/Working Groups’ members to co-ordinate the progress report.

·         FS questioned whether there had been sufficient consultation with the congregation but in fact they had made a significant contribution which had been crucial when drawing up the MAP. LS felt that they had been far more involved in its preparation than other parishes of which she had knowledge.


In conclusion it was felt that the MAP was both logical and had been well presented and PK was congratulated by all present for the enormous amount of thought and work that he had put into preparing this document.


Finally, it was noted that, from this moment the ‘strapline’ for the Church would be St Mary’s Battersea: Growing Together with God.









AS to set agenda items



10 Structure of the PCC and Working Groups 

SB circulated a document which proposed that a set of PCC Project Groups run alongside existing Working Groups as follows:


PCC Working Groups

Finance: Financial Management; Budgeting; Processes; Investment Advice, Stewardship Renewal


Fabric: Maintenance & Upkeep of all Property/Land including Church, Churchyard, owned housing. Lettings.


Congregational Life: Welcome, Hospitality, Identifying Gifts & Talents


Development: Long-term fundraising; renewing Friends of Battersea Parish Church; Legacy; Ideas for Reordering Church


PCC Project Groups

Common Good: Developing this aspect of our mission, including our link with the Katherine Low Settlement

Moorings: Taking the development of our moorings forward urgently and decisively.

Away Giving: Looking at the way we are generous beyond St Mary’s.

Children & Families: Developing this work and exploring how we move forward with our Children & Families’ Minister post.

Communications: Leading on how we communicate, including website, newsletter and physical communication.


The Ministry Team would be rebranded as the Staff Meeting, and would lead on the Forming Christ’s Disciples and Tending God’s People aspects of the MAP


The Vicar & Wardens meeting would become more formal in its remit, focusing on policy, safeguarding, employment & remuneration and governance.



















SB to convene






  SL arrived at 9.00 p.m.  
  SB circulated a list detailing remaining members and asked everyone to consider putting their name against one of the Working Groups or that of someone else who they felt they could make a contribution.


The PCC agreed the proposed structure. Comments and suggestions were welcome and should directed either to the Vicar & Wardens


11 Wandsworth Borough Council (WBC)/Churchyard Maintenance 

SB tabled a paper reporting on the recent matters agreed about the maintenance of the Churchyard with WBC.

WBC had formally asked the church to indicate whether it wishes to be included in the review of the local byelaws, through which WBC would be in a position to act more decisively against those treating the churchyard with disrespect. The PCC agreed to return to this matter once further information had been obtained. The Council expressed pleasure at the positive relationship that was growing.






AS to set agenda item in December

12          Safeguarding 

An incident had been reported of a visitor used the cloakroom during the service and then engaged with children involved in Junior Church. There was no immediate cause for concern but it was noted that there was a safeguarding and security risk involved in allowing unsupervised access to the toilets while Junior Church is in progress. The Vicar & Wardens would discuss the matter with the Parish Safeguarding Officer and recommend a course of procedure.


LB asked why the Safeguarding Audit had not been presented to the PCC. It was noted that this would now be handled, under the new arrangements, by a report to the Vicar & Wardens.









13 Health and Safety 

SW, who has taken over this responsibility from LB, needs to obtain information before producing a procedural document. RM has kindly said that she will provide assistance in this regard.




14 Children and Families Ministry 

A report by Asi Munisi is currently being prepared.


15 St. Mary’s Policies 

SB agreed to review all of St Mary’s existing policies over the summer together with proposing some additional ones in the autumn.





17 Pritchard CourtSarah Macnab is no longer on the PCC but possesses significant knowledge of St. Mary’s property portfolio and has kindly offered to provide any assistance in reaching a decision as to whether Pritchard Court should be upgraded or sold. The Finance Working Group would bring a recommendation to the July meeting





Finance WG

18 Future Meeting Dates: The following dates for 2015/16 have been agreed: 

June Working Groups Tuesday, 9 June
July Full PCC Tuesday, 7 July
September Full PCC Tuesday. 22 September
October Working Groups Tuesday, 13 October
November Full PCC Tuesday, 24 November
January Half-day Full PCC Saturday, 23 January
February Working Groups Tuesday, 2 February
March Full PCC Tuesday, 8 March
April APCM Sunday, 24 April*



The meeting closed at 10.00pm with all present saying the Grace.