Open Church

Thoughts and suggestions by Debbie Apostolides

St Mary’s -an open church?

How many times have you passed a lovely church on a beautiful summer afternoon stroll and thought that you would really like to enter and explore … only to find the church doors closed and all locked up?

Our lovely church is situated in a prime location for passing visitors and anyone who has helped to keep it open on a Sunday afternoon in the past will know how many visitors do pop in.   Being a church that is ‘forward looking and friendly’ and with an ‘open heart and mind,’ may also mean that our doors should be open a little more than they are.

At a recent PCC meeting it was decided to try to keep St Mary’s open on summer Sundays as much as possible and I am hoping that you may like to join us in this endeavour.   We would like to put together a small team of people to look at how best to open our doors and also we will be looking for people who would like to volunteer to be in the church on a Sunday.

Please contact Sarah Macnab  (020 8675 4391) or Debbie Apostolides (07828 123588) if you would like to get involved.