‘Open Church’ on Sunday afternoons

A report on the summer programme of ‘Open Church’ on Sunday afternoons and the upcoming London Open House weekend

Thank you to all those who have responded and signed up to help with Open Church this summer.  Almost all the slots are now filled and we just need help between 3 and 5pm on 10th September, at various times on 16th and 17th September which is the weekend of the St Mary’s fair and London Open House and finally on 24th September.


JUNE: For the first three Sundays in June the Sewing Group, led by Susanna Williams, hosted Open Church with tea and scones sponsored by Gail’s Bakery. This was highly successful and also brought in some donations. When the sewing group was running on Tuesday mornings we also kept the church open and this has attracted a number of visitors, including a photography group.


WALKS: There were 2 local evening walks for which the leader had requested access to the church. One of these was in May for the Wandsworh Heritage Festival and one in June linking with an exhibition at Morley College. On both occasions I gave a brief talk about the church to the group and the leader pointed out the specific features relevant to the walk. We were given a personal donation for the church by the leader.


JULY AND AUGUST: The Summer Recital series started on 23rd July and finishes on 3rd September. Open Church volunteers, in addition to their general welcome to visitors, have been welcoming people to these concerts and making tea and coffee afterwards. Donations are made to the music in the church.


SEPTEMBER: London Open House weekend this year will be 16th – 17th September and usually attracts a mixture of visitors, some coming for St Mary’s fair on the Saturday and some specifically for Open House. Sven Tester kindly brings his display of historical information and documents for visitors to see together with his great knowledge of the church and local history. Additional helpers are still needed for these two days.

Thank you again to all who have made people welcome this year. I would be grateful if someone would come forward to help me organise rotas for the future as I have now done this for three years.


Please contact me if you can offer to help or have any queries.


Libby Bradshaw 07956 655037, [email protected]