This month’s notices including the total raised at the Fair.

Alpha – help needed to host!
By the time you read this the Alpha Course will have had its first meeting. At the time of writing we are pleased to have 8 who have registered – and there may well be more.
All those who have done Alpha in the past are encouraged to host the current group – cooking, or welcoming and washing up. Please sign on the sheet on the Alpha board in church or contact Sunny [email protected] / 7228 9648 or Alison [email protected] / 7720 9708.

October Parish Lunch – on Sunday 19th October will be hosted by Area 9 South West. All welcome but please contact Carole Cooles (020 8870 3091    [email protected]) or Bridget Cassey (07985142 236 [email protected]).

The total raised at the St Mary’s Fair was £3943.14

For those who have asked for our prayers

Sheila Lewis, Winifred Stone, Christopher Manners, Camilla Radcliff, Jane Fior, Dorothy Smalley, Brendan Macauley and family, Tess Menard, Judi Spencer, Paul Mortimer, Kate Rock, Ruth Holleley, George Lewis, Margaret Adams, Pearl Barnes, Jeremy Sabin,

Bill Zerkle, Philip Maxwell, Sonai,

Duncan Johnson, Maureen Betts, Sally Seaman and Family, Kerry Conway, Alistair Macdonald, Dorothy and Leon Verra, Armando Martins de Oliveira and Georgia Dominick 

Those Who Have Died Recently, Their Families and Friends:

Hyacynth Davis, James Tulloch, Dayna Doebel, Jamie Rother, Ray Ardrey, Margaret Macauley, Clinton Robinson, Alan Gorham, Philippa Kingsbury, Shirley Haswell, Ronald Gower, Lorraine Macdonald, David Haines, Rodney Soalla, Alex Seaman and Joseph Van Deemput