News in Brief – Jan 2019

News in Brief: January 2019

Celebration of Baptism: Sunday 13th January

We’ve issued a special invitation to all those who have had their children baptised at St Mary’s in recent years to join us at the 11am Service on Sunday 13th January, the Feast of the Baptism of Jesus. Do come along and welcome back those who have joined us in baptism and their parents and godparents.

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity Service: Sunday 20th January

There is a joint service at Sacred Heart Church, Trott Street, at 6pm to mark the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. Our relationships with Sacred Heart is growing, but from our side the numbers attending joint events are far smaller than those coming from Sacred Heart. It would be great if we could join our brothers and sisters in prayer on this special annual moment of ecumenical awareness.

Advance Notice: Lent Groups 2019

Some of you will have seen the moving BBC Drama Broken, starring Sean Bean as a Catholic Priest in Northern England, facing dilemmas and challenges, personal and pastoral. The Church of England theologian and writer Paula Gooder, has produced some stimulating study material and we are planning to use this programme and the material for our Lent Groups in 2019 (which, of course, we will share with our Catholic friends). Details will follow but the Course will include a Sunday evening session. Please be aware, however, that with an hour-long programme and allowing time for discussion will mean that the groups are likely to be longer than usual, about 1 hour 45 minutes. Please note that Lent is late this year (Ash Wednesday is not until 5th March) so there’s time to have a look at your diaries and make plans.

Reverend Aaron Kennedy: Shared Parental Leave

As a new father, Aaron is entitled to ask for Shared Parental Leave and he has been in discussion with Simon and the Archdeacon about this. We have agreed that Aaron will take May and June 2019 as a period Shared Parental Leave, and he will return on Sunday 30th June.

Simon on Holiday

Simon will be away on holiday in India from Wednesday 23rd January and will be available again in the parish from Friday 8th February. Please contact Aaron Kennedy in that time for any pastoral need.

Parish Secretary

Lia Mendes left the post of Parish Secretary towards the end of 2018 and we are currently seeking to appoint a new Parish Secretary. We hope to appoint a new Parish Secretary very soon and have been extremely grateful to Chelsea, a former work colleague of David Britten, who has helped us out on a temporary basis.

Sunday Sermons

Don’t forget that you can read a Sunday sermon on the parish website, if you weren’t able to be in church. We will try to get them posted within 24 hours of preaching (that’s a New Year Resolution!)