News from the Belfrey

Caroline Prescott shares what’s happening with the Bells of St. Mary’s.

Life up in the tower continues to be lively!

We have been very fortunate to have a flurry of interest in learning to ring the bells. This can make our Monday evenings very busy, with people having to wait to take their turn at the end of a rope. Learning can however have its’ downside. The bell does not always strike in the right place when you are learning, which can try the patience of the neighbours!

We are in the process of installing a series of laser pads attached to the bell wheels. Signals from these lasers will be picked up by a computer programme running in the bell chamber. This will enable us to fix the bell so as not make a sound outside, but will mean the student can continue learn to ring. We have managed to save up the money through donations, and a lucky win in a bell-ringers’ 50:50 club draw!

See below for some of or students in action up in the tower.

Once we are going digital, feel free to come and see what is going on.