New Congregation List

Details of receiving this years Congregation List (the congregation address/contact book)

The new Congregation List (the congregation address/contact book) comes out at the End of August / Beginning of September.


As before and as advertised, all those who asked to be in the list will receive a copy.

  • Those who are not on email will be given a hard copy – please pick it up at the back of church or arrange to collect it from Sunny.
  • Those on email will receive an e-copy; if you would also like a hard copy please let Sunny know.


It should in future be possible to do an annual update more simply. So:

  • If you do not receive a copy but would like to be on the list, please contact Sunny so you can tell her what details you want included.
  • If any of your details are incorrect, or they change in the future, please let Sunny know.