Music – The Wing of Worship

Music appreciation

It’s really refreshing what music can do to the soul. It is a therapy, an expression and an inspiration. It is a night cap as well as a morning cup of tea!

William Shakespeare said, “If music be the food of love, play on. Give me excess of it; that surfeiting, the appetite may sicken and so die.”

Soothing music is balm to the soul and healing can be encouraged by music. Patients gain solace and noticeable improvement. Music can be restful, fulfilling, provocative, addictive dreamy, light and infectious. Some classical music is known for its calming effect: pain is less and may be forgotten temporarily.

I notice that different types of music are played on different radio stations, such as classical, jazz and others. Writers of music must be very thoughtful and wonderful human beings. If you find it difficult to relate to others, then perhaps music is right for you. You can be healed, see a different perspective and come out of yourself. Perhaps you will be fed with the milk of music and be changed forever.

We attended the birthday celebration of Canon Simon Butler not long ago. There was fantastic music there that captured me in a big way. The serenity of the music caused the most soothing passion to my heart and mind and general well-being. It was honey to me, and then it ended, while I still wanted more. Of course, there was cheering from the listeners, myself included, for the quality of the performance.

I will not fail to mention, without naming, others who may want to remain anonymous. One gave such a spiritual expression to the wonderful lyrics – a gifted servant of God. It was as if I saw God descending like an angel of music. I didn’t want it to end, I wish the music had been recorded so that I could listen to it again during a time of relaxation.

The organist was equally fantastic, especially when playing, “Happy Birthday” to Simon with funny variations on the main theme.

There’s a lot that is attractive in the music at St. Mary’s Battersea. We are really blessed with gifted musicians of quality, making music in the house of our God. To him be the glory in Jesus’ name.



Gladys Ikeme, Child of God