Message from Gladys

Gladys shares her experience of God being her shepherd.

2007 – My Eventful Scaring Year

You Have to be Comfortable in Mind to Continue Living

You never appreciate life until you are told you are dangerously ill. Either that, or the medical staff have to save you from a condition which is causing you to go downhill.
This was my case when I was told that something had to be done medically to stop intermittent nose bleeds that had gone on for many months. I had felt very dizzy twice while on duty; my haemoglobin was going down. My work referred me to my general
I said to myself that I could not be dying at my age. I remembered that I had not paid my mortgage! Psalm 23 was my favourite psalm and I also remembered that the Lord is my shepherd who guides me through the valley of death. However, who was I to dictate to God, whose say is final? His thoughts are not our thoughts (Isaiah 55:8) and He knows
best. I had implicit confidence in Him.
I had been working three jobs, working very hard with little rest and no social life. There were bills that had to be paid, but I cut my work down to one job. The situation remained the same. I very much believed God’s promise that He would never forsake me
(Deuteronomy 4:31) and I stood by this.
After numerous investigations, the ENT specialist decided to operate on the offending tumour in my nose. Although my loved ones were far away, I alerted them. They were with me spiritually and that helped me to be unmoved in my belief.
The tumour was removed and found to be benign. It was as big as my thumb! Since then, I have ceased rushing about, and have learned to say ‘no’ to any duties that I can not carry out.

Life is lived only once. Calm down whatever you’re going through, for God is our shepherd!
Gladys Ikeme