Thought from Gladys

Life is a journey. We are the architects of our success or failure. Failure to me is theĀ  beginning of success. Our journey ends when God’s destiny for us ends. We will account for whatever we do in this world.
We’re given 7 loaves and 2 fishes. However we distribute them in our journey through this life is our responsibility. Some are very talented, work extremely hard and achieve greatness while being upright. Some decide to stay in bed, expecting to benefit from
others. Whatever we do, our legacy will be whatever others remember when we are gone. To some, this does not matter as they just live for the moment and don’t believe in Heaven or Hell until their time comes to an end.
We have to be peaceful and forgiving as God has forgiven us. Jesus Christ died for our sins on the cross. With God at our side, life is a spirit-renewing journey, as we discover God’s purpose for us.
Sometimes life is a drag! We do our best and sometimes that does not seem to be enough. We pray and pray and pray. Then God answers our prayers, but not always in the way we expect or when we hoped. But life continues to be a miracle, even as we pay our ‘dues’ to life. The secret is to know God and make decisions that seek God’s Kingdom first. Have compassion on people as Jesus did when he healed the invalid at the pool of Bethseda (John 5: 1-9).
Be careful about the people with whom you associate. Don’t let people suck life out of you when you are trying to help them. A lot of people don’t have the courage to be who they are. You’re better off alone than with the wrong people. Know God and represent Him always.
As for me, I strongly believe Heaven is home and we have to aspire to be there at the end of our journey. Death should not be frightening. It’s just a passover to home sweet home.
Fear not fellow Christian sisters and brothers. Keep smiling whatever the situation, as we shall be there in Jesus’s name.

Gladys Ikeme.