Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Hello Emrys Lloyd-Roberts

Following on from your Editor’s Notes in May’s StM’s News.


Unfortunately, Britain has moved away from its Christian country symbol, not so much the people, but the Government / Sovereignty. Religion as a whole is very much alive in this country, many people are religious.  It is the lack of using Christianity as a nation that brings the question to the limelight, e.g. encouraging/promoting through religion to love our neighbour, respect ourself and others, to celebrate events by bringing people together, a leading prayer in national newspapers when disaster strikes etc.
The CofE has no lead in anything as seen through the eyes of the GB public, so it is only shining inside itself, within its own churches, and not throughout the nation.  Thus, if you are not born into a Christian household in Britain, you are hard pressed to find it anywhere.


Christianity is left to be the unspoken religion, because, it is said to be upsetting, but why, who said so!  How can we claim to be a Christian country when we have been made to be afraid to express our love for our Saviour and religion.  People feel that they must apologise before they can say ‘I’m a Christian’.  When we look to other countries, we see what it means to claim a national religion – it is not afraid to be taught in schools, told to tourist, ask to be respected.

All religions are currently being exposed or discussed in the media negatively, when was the last time positive messages were seen in our national press regarding any religion be it Christianity, Islam, Buddist or whatever.  You cannot remove Christianity from the foundation of a country, and proclaim it to be religious.  If we are unable to include Christianity in our schools, government offices / services, then where is our Christianity as a nation. If Britain is a Christian country based on the Monarch then we are a Christian nation – thought it may not be enough for people to care or respect it for this purpose in this day and age.

Thank you for allowing me to air my view.

Kind regards

Sophia Gibson