Lent 2018

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Lent 18 Brochure

The arrival of Pope Francis onto the global religious scene was a moment of
hope for the whole Christian church. Although as Anglicans we do not
recognise the Bishop of Rome as our spiritual leader, nevertheless the Pope is
the most visible symbol in the world of the presence of the Christian church.
His warm and spiritual friendship with our own Archbishop Justin Welby has
brought renewed opportunities for shared prayer, worship and mission.
One of the first things Pope Francis did after becoming Pope was to write an
encyclical (a letter to the whole Catholic Church) called Evangelii Gaudium (The
Joy of the Gospel), in which he encouraged Christians to rejoice in the gift of faith
and to be more enthusiastic and joyful in sharing the Good News of Jesus
Here in Battersea we are taking the Pope’s encouragement to heart with our
FaithWorks 18 venture this year, which will be our Anglican contribution to a
shared season of mission, alongside our Roman Catholic friends at Sacred
Heart Church in Trott Street, who are having their own Parish Mission in
October. As part of the preparation for this, may I encourage you to attend
church on the Sundays of Lent, or ideally to take part in our weekly Lent Study
Groups, as we reflect on the joy of knowing and sharing the Good News of
Jesus Christ. Have a rewarding, joyful Lent.
Canon Simon Butler, Vicar