Junior Church News

Asi, Families & Children’s Minister, on the Nativity, Westbridge Choir and the upcoming panto.

Nativity Offering

A very happy new year to one and all! 2015 was an eventful year, full of lessons and steps for us to grow spiritually.
Our Junior Church Nativity offering was made extra special to have Bishop Christopher with us to welcome Simon back on his return to Ministry at St Mary’s. I returned to my creative skills by writing a narrative for Charlie & Kitty to read, very capable as the older children of our group, who did a great job. All the children who participated looked great in their costumes and enjoyed being part of the telling of the Nativity. A great experience for us to show what we can do when we work together as one body in Christ. I was so elated to receive so much positive feedback and Praise God for us to be in such a blessed position to offer creativity and performance art in worship.

Junior Church Nativity

Junior Church Nativity

Here we have Charlie as narrator & kind Innkeeper, Thomas as Joseph, Joe as a sheep, Maybelle as a Shepherd, Lottie as the Donkey, Marly as a Shepherd, Mathilde as a Shepherd, Elodie as Mary, Areshay as an Innkeeper, Reece as an Innkeeper, Savannah & Sienna as the star and Kitty as a narrator. A lovely tricked out crib for the baby Jesus by Elodie with some help from Faith Saunders one of our Junior Church leaders. Time to start thinking about what we will do for this years Nativity. As we are all in one body, suggestions are welcome.

Here comes Santa Claus

St Mary’s Babies & Toddlers stay & play Christmas party was great fun with a visit from Santa Claus. Good old St Nic came to bless us with gifts for the children.

shadrack (Small)

My beautiful Glam son was only to glad to get his present from Santa.

Master Shadrack had a good chat with Santa, which of course Santa Clause understood baby language.

Babies and Toddlers stay and play returns on Monday 11th January 2016 at Dimson Lodge. 9.30am-11.30am. We welcome both parents and carers with children under 3 years old.

A Westbridge Merry Christmas

It was both a privilege and honour to be invited back to sing at the contact clubs Christmas party. This time the party goers had lyrics to sing along with the Westbridge and boy did they have a good sing to their favourite carols. I’m not sure they needed a song sheet. The Westbridge choir was greatly received and it was such a joy to see the happiness in the faces of the people hearing the children sing. We don’t just sing, we perform and had some ‘Jingle bell rock’ moves to rock the afternoon. The children had such a treat topped off with delicious orange jelly treats from Hatta, which were really enjoyed. Daisy Campbell gave a beautiful speech to formally thank the children, this was such a fabulous way to make them feel important and we left on high with a job well done.

westbridge-choir (Small)

Great Energy, good show!

Robinson Crusoe, the Pantomime

Quickly book your tickets for this years pantomime Robinson Crusoe. Shows begin on Thursday 28th January, 7pm with a second show on Friday 29th January,7pm and two shows on Saturday with a matinee in the afternoon and an evening performance at 7pm. Come along to Christ Church on Cabul road and see our Vicar’s Warden husband Chris Apostolides as Dame Crystal Crusoe. Fr Geoffrey Owens has done it again (O no he didn’t, o yes he did) writing a great script, choosing some fabulous numbers including me as the pirate king singing ‘Diamonds are forever’ Shirley Bassey style. You can follow us on twitter for regular updates @deanerypanto.

Kind regards,
Asi Munisi
Families & Children’s Minister
Mobile. 07462655043