Junior Church News Letter

It’s a big month for Junior Church we have the Christingle service and the Nativity Play.

We have had a wonderful time in Junior Church this month:

On Remembrance Sunday Faith lead Junior with Emma’s and Rex’s help. We made poppies and discussed why we wear them and what we are remembering. We observed the two minutes silence. Thinking about the horrors of the First World War which tied in well with the reading from Luke 21: 5-19 about holding on and enduring. Emma had the brilliant idea of creating a field of the children’s poppies which looked stunning when hung upstairs


On the 20th of November Cal led Junior Church. We started off the session with a prayer and then set about learning the Calypso Carol for the Christingle service with Ruth’s help. It was really fun and we all enjoyed being able to dance while we sang. After that we focused on Jesus crucifixion as it was the last day of the church year. We thought about how Jesus is the King of Kings and made crowns for him.


On the 27th of November Debbie led Junior Church. Because it was the first Sunday of Advent we started working on are Nativity Play ‘Straw and Order’. The children were very excited about choosing their roles in the Play. After people had gotten their parts we read through the script which was a lot of fun.  Everyone is looking forward to performing it next month!

Next month is a big month for Junior Church we have the Christingle service and the Nativity Play we would love it if everyone could come along and support us!

The Junior Church Team