Junior Church News

We have had a really great start to the year in Junior Church!

We have had a really great start to the year in Junior Church! We have officially begun
Godly Play and the children seem to be really enjoying it.
To make the Godly Play sessions more special for the children we have started the process
of converting the room off the crypt where the choir robes are kept into a Godly Play
room. It was pointed out in our Godly Playtraining course that often children are shoved
in the corner of churches signalling to them that their worship and faith is not as
important as adults.
This made us realise that it was really important to try and create a special space for the
children to worship. The first step was giving the room a massive spring clean (thank you
Cal and Debbie)! We also owe a big thank you to the choir who have been really
understanding as we work out the logistics of sharing the space. The Godly Playroom is in
its very early stages but hopefully it will become a space the children love.
For the first Godly Play session we did the story of the Holy family, this was the story that
we showed a video of at the Nativity service. It was a wonderful session. The questions the
children asked in the Wondering werevery interesting and thoughtful. It was a very
special session for me to teach; it was fantastic to see the children engage so actively in
their faith.
The second session was the parable of the Good Shepard. The children seem to enjoy the
story and they really loved the figures. It is amazing to see how different the things are
that the children produce during the free response time. It is making us appreciate how
important it is not to assume that everyone responds to the story in the same way or in
the way we expect them to.
In one last piece of Godly Play news (I promise I’ll stop banging on about it soon) Debbie
and I have finished ourGodly Play teaching courses. We will now endeavour to do our best
to pass on everything we have learned. So, if you have any questions about Godly Play,
please do ask us.