Junior Church News

Event for the diary: there will be a Good Friday workshop for Junior Church

We have had wonderful and active start to Lent in Junior church this month.

Just before Lent started, Emily led Junior Church on the 26th of February when we looked at the Transfiguration. To start off we looked at different sacred spaces in the world, which the children found really interesting. We then split into teams to compete in a quiz about people in the Bible who had encounters with God. The children showed off an impressive knowledge of the Bible, identifying such people as Moses, Paul and Abraham. In the end the competition was very close!

To kick off Lent, we had a pancake party on Shrove Tuesday. We started off by playing games to get everyone excited about Shrove Tuesday. After we had expelled some energy, we sat down and had a talk about what Shrove Tuesday is about and how it leads into Lent. The tempting scent of pancakes, expertly made by Debbie, drew us downstairs to the crypt. We all had lots of fun eating pancakes with delicious toppings.  I don’t think I have ever seen so much chocolate spread consumed with quite so much relish before. Once everyone was full, we went back upstairs for a final game, followed by Simon putting ash on all the children. It was incredibly moving seeing them all kneeling up by the choir stalls and Simon marking their foreheads. Everyone went home with a diary to record all the good deeds the children are going to do during Lent. It was a fantastic afternoon and hopefully parents can forgive us for returning their children chocolate smeared and hyper!

On the 12th of March, Allison lead us in looking at John 3.1-17. After reading the story we discussed the idea that you can always start afresh and be who you want to be, if you let God into your life. To give us an idea of things that we may want to do when we grow up, we played a guessing game where one of the children would act out a job, e.g. a nurse, and we had to guess what it was. We then drew pictures of doves to remind us that the Holly Spirt is always around us.

On Sunday 19th March, we looked at the story of Jesus meeting a Samaritan woman. We explored what ‘living water’ could mean, by drinking a glass of water and discussing what being thirsty is like and how the Holy Spirit is like living water – bubbling up inside each of us. In our activity time we created things that showed what the Holy Spirit meant to us. Some children drew Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well. One very creative person wrote an acrostic poem on Living Water. In our prayer time we prayed for people who don’t have clean running water in their homes. We also prayed for all people who need living water in their lives.

All of us at Junior Church are looking forward to continuing our journey towards Easter, in particular we are  very excited about our Good Friday Workshop! More information on the work shop will be coming soon so please keep an eye out for it, I am sure it will be a wonderful day.

Good Friday: 10.00am until noon – Children’s Activity – We are  jointly with Sacred Heart Catholic Church. Held in St Mary’s Crypt.