Junior Church News

We have had a good start to the year at Junior Church!

We have had a good start to the year at Junior Church!

On the 8th of January, Junior Church learned about John the Baptist and the baptism of Jesus. We discussed what baptism was and what it signified and we even watched a video of a full immersion adult baptism.  Emily then lead the Rocks in acting out the Gospel passage with everyone taking turns to be Jesus, John, Holy Spirit and the Voice of God. Emma helped the Pebbles to make doves, which will be put in a big picture of Jesus being baptised.

On the 15th of January, Junior Church focused on John 1.29-42, in which John the Baptist identifies Jesus as the Lamb of God. We discussed how in the story Jesus invited two people who wanted to know about him to come closer. We decided to write letters as if we were Jesus inviting people to come to our house to get to know us.

On Sunday 22nd of January, Junior Church looked at the story of how Jesus called his first disciples- Peter, Andrew, James and John. To represent the fact that Jesus turned the disciples from fishermen into the “fishers of men” we decorated paper fish and then handed them out to the congregation during the last hymn. It was lovely to be able to give them to family and friends of the two baptismal parties as a memory of their special Sunday at St Mary’s.

On Sunday 25th of January, we focused on Jesus Sermon on the Mount. We listened to a song about Jesus’s lessons on who is blessed. After this, we discussed what blessings were and what blessings we have in our lives. We then drew our blessings on a piece of paper shaped like a mountain.

Next month should be exciting! We will be having a Junior Church Pancake Party on Tuesday 28th February from 4-6pm. Please come and join in marking the beginning of Lent, by eating lots of delicious pancakes and playing games. If you would like to come please sign up at the back of the church or email Cal at  [email protected]