Junior Church

There have been some new and exciting developments in Junior Church

There have been some new and exciting developments in Junior Church. Over the summer we decided to change how we taught the sessions and use a method called godly play, which aims to create a “spiritually rich practice”.

This means that we no longer separate the children in to Rocks (6+) and Pebbles (1-6), so that the younger children can now form a relationship with the older children and learn from them. Also, instead of giving the children a set task to complete, we prepare a number of activities and let the children pick the activity that calls them the most. This change will hopefully mean the children will be more actively engaged in their spiritual journey.

On Sunday the 10th of September we learned about how to live together. In are Bible reading Matthew 18.15-20, we learned about the importance of listening. To show us how important listening was Debbie made us sit in a circle and when we were asked how our week was we all started speaking at once. After a minute Debbie made us stop and asked us if we could tell her what someone else had done this week? We couldn’t. We had been too busy talking to listen to other people. So instead of all talking at once, we went around the circle and took turns talking and listening. After this we got to use the art supplies to make pictures we thought reflected what we had learned today.

On Sunday the 17th of September we learned about the importance of forgiveness, which was very relevant as there were a number of sibling feuds going on! We all helped to read the parable of the unforgiving servant, and discussed how difficult it can be to forgive people but that we should keep trying. After the Bible reading we had three different activities to choose from. We could do colouring, make “I am sorry” card apologising for something we done wrong this week and ask the person to forgive us or play a game. The game involved picking a piece of paper out of a box which had a difficult action on it e.g. hopping on your right leg and patting your head, we then had to do the action for 7 seconds and then for 77 seconds. Holding the position made us realise that it is much much harder to keep on forgiving people instead of doing it just once, but just like the actions the more you practice it the easier it becomes.

We are looking forward to another exciting month of exploring how godly play can helps us all on our spiritual journeys!

DATE FOR THE DIARY: We are planning a Hallowmas Party again to celebrate All Saints Day and Halloween. The party will be 4-6pm on Sunday 29th October, more details anon!