Junior Church

We have had another wonderful month in Junior Church!

We have had another wonderful month in Junior Church!

On Sunday the 11th of June we learned about the Trinity and the Holy Spirt. We talked about how the Trinity can be difficult to understand and how it is good to question things that we do not understand in our lives. To remind us of the Trinity and its presence around us the rocks made origami three leaf clovers, which proved to be complicated to make but worth the effort! In Pebbles we had a great time drawing around our hands three times (there was a debate over whether we should add finger nails), we then stuck the hand together to symbolise the Holy Trinity.

On Sunday the 18th we combined Rocks and Pebbles to form one big group which was lots of fun! We started off by playing the Wolves and Sheep game in the garden which linked into the Bible reading. The game was a huge success but we we’re all very hot after all that running around! After we had cooled down we went back inside and talked about kindness and what that means to us. We then all drew a picture based on our different interpretation of kindness. It was really great seeing everyone’s different pictures!

In addition to all the activities that the children have done in the last month, Junior Church Leaders had a wonderful day exploring how to integrate ‘Godly Play’ into our work.

The session was led by a brilliant trainer, Stuart, and he showed us how to tell stories from the Bible in a simple but very effective and thoughtful way. There is much more emphasis on drawing out people’s individual responses, both through discussion and creative activities, and we could see how this could work for children of all ages.

It was a long day, but it went in a flash (helped along with a delicious bring and share lunch sitting at a table under the trees on a very hot day!) and we came away excited by all the possibilities for future Junior Church sessions.

We are meeting in mid July to plan the next steps, but our initial thought was that the best way to explain Godly Play was to do an actual session for everyone. Watch this space!


Lucy Bacon & Cal Alphonse