Jack State

Robert Law writes this appreciation of Jack State, who died on November

Jack State, a much-loved older member of St Mar’y’s, died on November 16th. He is survived by his twin sister Vi.

Robert Law writes this appreciation of Jack.

Jack was a St Mary’s intercessor, reader and sidesman at the Sunday Eucharist who could be relied upon in his Christian service to the church. His prayers, always delivered from the lecturn, reflected what was apposite for that week in the life of the nation, the church worldwide and the world at large but, just as importantly, revealed his deep faith in Christ. Not often sharing what lay beneath his shy exterior, it became obvious that he truly believed and in taking parish intercessions, that was one of the ways in which he could witness to that faith. I could always call upon him to deliver them at a moment’s notice, knowing myself that he was willing to participate in this important part of the service. When I totted up at the end of each year a list of whom had undertaken this, Jack’s name always headed this list. It was by his very nature that our conversations on many differing subjects took place in church (I would, as others, have liked to have had the time and place to know him better), but these conversations were always preceded by a warm handshake and, our particular case, to comment how glad we were to be still on our feet – and that we shouldn’t complain!

To those who knew Jack, and indeed to those who are hearing about him for the first time a no better memorial to him would be for some in the congregation, who perhaps have never considered either delivering or contributing to our parish intercessions, to take up where Jack has now left off. In his last illness, Jack must have pondered the words of St Paul in his letter to the Philippians: “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain”. I pray that the esteem that Jack was held in at St Mary’s may be of great comfort to his relatives and friends.

Robert Law

May he rest in peace and rise in glory