In God We Trust

In the midst of life’s storm, we must trust the presence and the power of God.

In Life’s Storm, We Need to Trust

In the midst of life’s storm, we must trust the presence and the power of God.

The whole world, it seems to me, is being steamed. I use the word ‘steamed’ because lots of events are happening which are very uncomfortable. People are grieving, families worldwide have lost loved ones, and some have been made redundant through no fault of their own. Some areas of the world are facing economic hardship and citizens are unable to cope with life’s pressures. Corruption worldwide is ripe with funds finding their way into the hands of very few. For some people, relations have failed them. Wars are being waged in many countries as some fight to acquire territories and positions. The list is long.

I start my day by turning on the radio to know what is going on. I want to know everything from the weather forecast to transportation issues and who is punching whom. After my exercises and prayers, I lie in bed, trying to take life easy these days. I’m not in a rush nowadays! Sometimes, the news is not palatable and I wonder, ‘What’s next? Where do we go? To where can we run?’ I suspect most of us feel like this sometimes. Fears often hurt many of us daily.

At all times we have to trust the presence and the power of Jesus, and especially in the midst of life’s storms. Recognising the inevitability of trials, Jesus said, “In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33). Our Saviour has spoken and we must listen.

Remember Psalm 34:1 ‘I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth.’ Also in the words of Helen H. Lemmel, we hear in the familiar hymn:

‘Turn your eyes upon Jesus,
Look full in His wonderful face,
And the things of earth will grow strangely dim,
In the light of His glory and grace.’

And finally, in the words of Joe Stowell we hear, ‘We can rest peacefully in the knowledge that God is with us.

Remembering all this, our prayer should be: ‘Lord, in our weak and fearful moments, remind us that your love for us guarantees your presence with us and your power against our fears. Teach us to trust in you and to remember that whatever we are going through, at the end of the tunnel there’s your light.’

May God bless you all!

Gladys Ikeme

(Child of God)