Great is our Faith in God

Sometimes, we need help in seeing God’s answer to our prayers.

Writing articles has become a part of my daily life. I am blessed and feel very near to my Heavenly Father. I am grateful for all God has done in my life. I pray that others also feel God’s continuous presence around them.

Lots of things are happening in all of our lives. The days, and even the months, are moving extremely quickly. We have all had our ups and downs and life has not been pleasant all the time. But, we should not be negative, however badly we feel we have been treated. If we do feel that way, we should take our feelings to God in prayer.

God is our last bus stop. If God says ‘yes’ in your life, nobody will be able to alter God’s decision. I remember the story of Abraham and Sarah in the Book of Genesis. They were extremely old, but God promised them a child of their own. They believed God and Sarah gave birth to Isaac. Science will say, ‘Impossible at their age!’, but they had faith and the promise came to pass. Praise the Lord! Hallelujah!

God’s timing is the best. I have it said often before, ‘Actions speak louder than words.’ That is true about God too, because nothing is impossible with God. God is the God of Hope, Restoration, Recovery, Blessing, Faith and Positive Action. I love the song, “What a friend we have in Jesus”. It’s very consoling.

Sometimes we think we have been left out because we have not seen the answer to our prayers. Sometimes God’s silence is the answer, as God may have something else in mind for you. God will give at the right time, and it will be the best gift. God is the friend of the friendless and those in need.

God never disappoints in my experience. We need to think positively, no matter in what situation we find ourselves. Miracles do happen. Have faith and leave the rest to God. God has given each and every one of us a mind to decide what we want in life. Believe that God is working in each of us, helping us. Ask for knowledge and wisdom to do the right thing. Although nothing in life comes easy, I remember the proverb that the patient dog eats the fattest bone.

Sometimes, we need help in seeing God’s answer to our prayers. We can turn to other Christians for advice and learn from their hope, perseverance patience and faith. We practise our faith by taking all our problems to God in prayer.

We can also seek help and consolation from the Bible. In Isaiah 41:10 we read, ‘Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.’

Say this prayer: “Help me, Lord Jesus, to put my trust in you, to know the guidance of your Holy Spirit; to hear your quiet voice of encouragement, telling me ‘This is the way’. Lord, give me wisdom to make right decisions, and give me the courage to discover and learn new ways. Thank you, Lord, for your promises. Amen”


May God bless you all!

Gladys Ikeme

(Child of God)