God’s Power Gives Success in Changing

I have found that changing your habits and your life depends on you. This is my suggestion to help you change your life.

I have found that changing your habits and your life depends on you. This is my suggestion to help you change your life.

As a Christian, first of all, ask God for guidance. God will surely show you the way. If you believe, you already have God’s power. If you have left God, change your way and go back to God.

Ask God to help you set your goal. Make your plans after prayer and meditation. Consider your time and how best to use it. Be thankful and full of gratitude for God’s guidance and God’s grace to enable us to change.

To change habits we need to diagnose what is stopping us from changing. Remember that the most precious solution is not on the surface. We need to dig deeper down for a solution. Sometimes we need to be like a stone cutter who keeps hitting the rock until it eventually splits.

Always remember that what you sow you will also reap. Tell yourself that you have made up your mind to change and be successful, so keep on working at it. You need to make choices. Your decisions will determine your outcome. Do not just follow other people, but set your mind on God’s guidance.

Consider what you have been given by God and maximise your potentials. Identify whatever are your negative issues that are holding you back. When you have identified that, pursue your intention to change. Delayed action prevents success. Do not give up easily. It may take a long time, even decades, so don’t give up too soon.

Examine how you use your time. Make punctuality a habit. Organise your time.

Consider your speech. Words are powerful. If you say negative things about yourself change that. Do not downgrade yourself. Be your own prophet; think and say positive things about yourself. There’s a creative power in words.

Consider your health – your eating habits, your sleeping habits. When you are sleeping your body is still working. Exercise regularly to keep your body in good shape. Consider your recreation and relaxation. Read a good book, rest appropriately. If you don’t rest, they’ll soon lay you to rest! Value your vacations. Powerful ideas may come to you when you relax.

Identify your environment. Are you in the best place?

Examine your spending and make a spending plan. Set reasonable targets. Plan that at 75 you will still be able to pay all your bills!


Create an action plan. Take one habit at a time.

Always return to positive habits, thoughts and occupations.

Being successful is the product of good habits. Change from negative to positive. Thank God always.

May God grant you all patience to succeed in life.

May God bless you all!

Gladys Ikeme

(Child of God)