God loves us; Wisdom is an excellent gift of God

God loves us; Wisdom is an excellent gift of God

To me, every night I dream is a revelation. Sometimes I remember vividly what my dream was all about. At those times I remember that God can use dreams to speak to us.

In the Bible, Jacob dreamt that he saw a ladder reaching up the sky to heaven with angels going up to God and coming down to the earth. God had given Jacob a gift with this dream. Through it he learnt that when prayer goes up, heaven comes down. Joseph interpreted Pharaoh’s dream in Genesis.

Joseph had also been given a gift by God. Joseph interpreted the dream telling Pharaoh to save the initial 7 bountiful harvests of good seed and to prepare for the following 7 scarce harvests.

The seed you sow will will speak for you. Keep waiting for the good seed you have sown. Things meant to destroy you will speak for you. Your harvest is coming, especially if you have sown good seed in the Lord. Each seed of your character will be rewarded. If you sow a seed of prayer, when there’s a storm you’ll be sleeping safely. Every seed you sow will be coming back with a harvest.

God is not unjust to forget you when you have sown good seed. God’s a rewarder of those who deal diligently. There are people whom you have helped who will never forget you.

God sees all hearts. If you sow a good seed it will be well. God will fight for you. What seed have you been sowing?

Fellow Christians, we are at war with forces of evil, but the battle is God’s. Continue doing good to those who hate you and render no evil to anyone. Let your mind be clean and clear. Forgive before you go to bed every night. This is the way your mind can be at peace.

And if you dream, listen to what God is teaching you.

God bless you all. Gladys Ikeme. (child of God)