God Is Love, God Never Criticises Us

God Is Love, God Never Criticises Us, However Bad We Feel We Are

God Is Love, God Never Criticises Us, However Bad We Feel We Are


All things bright and beautiful,

All creatures great and small;

All things wise and wonderful

The Lord God made them all.        (Cecil Frances Alexander)


God is love – there is no doubt about it – hence he made us all in his own image (Genesis 1:26). He made the whole world and said that it was good (Genesis 1:31).


Love will always triumph over evil. God loves us all the time. We must find the purpose that God has for our lives and start living our best today.


The Bible tells us to love God with all our heart and mind (Deuteronomy 6:4 and Matthew 22:37). We owe God this when we remember all God has done and is still doing in our lives. God is righteous and is the Light of the World. We are created by him and for him. Through him we live an harmonious life.


There’s always one question I have in my mind. It is, “Why do some people criticise others?” Perhaps we feel that we are the best and want to put others down. We should remember that everyone has a different journey in life, so we should not judge others. Jesus tells us clearly not to judge as we will then be judged by the same standard (Matthew 7:1).


How will we feel if we are judged? We are all children of God and given different gifts. We can never be all the same. It is better to learn to appreciate others. Look for the good things to compliment. We should never put others down just to please ourselves. We should never make others feel unwanted or worthless. God is on his throne watching us, and he does not condemn. Instead he shows mercy like a wonderful father.


There is a better way than judging criticising or correcting someone in an embarrassing way. I suggest that we try to do good deeds for others. Always bless and pray positively for others. Our lives will change by doing that. If we send out good things we will get good things back one way or another. We might not see it at first, but good will be there. When you have dark days, people will be compassionate. They will remember your good deeds.


Take a lesson from Job, who never said evil things about God even when he was being tested with terrible situations. We should never mock others or criticism them if they do not have what we think they should have. It may be our turn tomorrow to be without.


When was it that God said that poor or ill or destitute people offend him or that we should look down on them? In fact, God is especially concerned about people in need (see Exodus 22:21-24, Deuteronomy 10:18, Psalm 68:5, Psalm 82:3, Isaiah 1:17, and James 1:27 as some examples). We should not mock those in need with our words or by our actions. If we do, we should kneel down and beg forgiveness. Hearts have been broken by what people have been told. We will be judged by the same standard that we judge others. When we die, we are all on a level playing field and we all stand individually before God. Boasting about what possessions we have will do us no good ultimately.


If we have to mention something to a sister or a brother, let it be constructive and not destructive. We must learn to live in the bonds of peace (Ephesians 4:3).

May God bless you all!


Gladys Ikeme

(Child of God)