Go, go, go Joseph

‘Joseph’ at St Mary’s was such a great success. Pictures and report

On Saturday 18th July 2015 saw the finished product of St Mary’s Battersea presents Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

My email inbox has been flooded with compliments on how amazing the show was with audiences both laughing and crying. The atmosphere was amazing for both showings, with a wonderful buzz of community life coming together with people represented from a variety of walks of life. The majority of cast members live in the community so it’s wonderful that Battersea has so much talent and we had the opportunity to celebrate that. From the background artists, who set up the scenes, with amazing sets designs to the welcoming hospitality offered by St Mary’s. I’ve selected a few photo’s to include in this article for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Joseph (1) (Small)Jacob wanted to show the world he loved his favourite son so gifted him an amazing coloured coat. This annoyed his brothers.

Joseph (2) (Small)
So they sold him into slavery.

Joseph (3) (Small)Telling tales to their Father Jacob that he had died.
Joseph (4) (Small)Joseph was bought by Potiphar

Joseph (5) (Small)Potiphar angrily threw Joseph in jail to hide the handsome Joseph from his wife who found Joseph attractive.
Joseph (6) (Small)
Whilst in jail Joseph used his gift of interpreting dreams for Pharaoh’s Butler & Baker
Joseph (7) (Small)
The Butler returned to Pharaoh but the Baker’s future was not as bright.

Joseph (8) (Small)
The Butler told Pharaoh about Joseph’s gift and Pharaoh wanted help to interpret dreams that were troubling him so sent for Joseph to be bought for him.

Joseph (9) (Small)
Pharaoh was so pleased with Joseph he made him his right hand man.
Joseph (10) (Small)
Back in Canaan Joseph’s family were finding the famine rough, so went to Egypt for help.

Joseph (11) (Small)The brothers groveled not recognising Joseph who played on this.

Joseph (12) (Small)Joseph seeing his brothers were now good, revealed to them who he was and they were re united.

Joseph (13) (Small)Jacob came to Egypt and was reunited with his son he thought was dead.
Joseph (14) (Small)
A happy ending to a great show!

Joseph (15) (Small)So happy and grateful to all who made ‘Joseph’ at St Mary’s such a great success.

Joseph (16) (Small)
Gratitude to God for new friendships formed.

Catalina from the Westbridge choir with Elodie from our Junior Church.

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