From the vicar – 2014

a note from Simon Butler before goes on sabbatical

The Vicar Writes…Forward into 2014

According to Wikipedia, 2014 is the following:

  • The United Nations Year of Family Farming and Crystallography (what on earth is family crystallography you may ask!!)
  • The Year of the Winter Olympics and the World Cup Finals
  • The Year of Independence Referendums in Scotland and Catalonia
  • The Year when both the UK & the USA withdraw officially from Afghanistan

While I cannot make any predictions for such momentous events at St Mary’s, our year in the life of the church already has some shape and content.

Here are a few highlights:

My Sabbatical: while I’m away from the parish, you get a sabbatical from me as well! Seriously though, you have an opportunity to receive more ministry from both Revd. Peter Wintgens and from visiting clergy in the first quarter of the year. Hearing different voices brings fresh blessings. I hope you will enjoy hearing them.

Quiet Days: we’re planning a couple of Quiet Days in the coming year, the first of which will be at Ham Common on Saturday 1st March, led by Bishop Richard Harries, of Thought for the Day fame. You can express an interest by contacting Libby Bradshaw on [email protected]. We’ll hold another one in the autumn.

Lent & Holy Week: A full programme of Lent Study Groups, Lectures and worship is being planned. We are particularly keen to encourage many more people to join a Lent Study Group this year, as we focus on one of the popular ‘York Courses’, entitled Building on the Rock. Peter Wintgens is coordinating for more information ([email protected]). This year we have invited a very special Holy Week Preacher. Stuart Hoke is an American Anglican Priest who was, until retirement, Minister at St Paul’s Chapel, next to the Ground Zero site in Manhattan. Stuart was, with Rowan Williams, in the building on 9/11 and his ministry has been shaped and defined by that experience ever since. He is an outstanding and compelling preacher and will be with us from Palm Sunday to Easter Day.

A New Curate: Dr Philip Krinks will join us in June, following his ordination as a deacon. Philip has been training at Westcott House in Cambridge, following an early career in management consultancy. He, Claudia, George and Anna will move into Kerrison Road in the summer and Philip will serve as our Curate for between three and four years.

Summer Holiday Club: Asi Munisi, our Families & Children’s Minister, is giving some early thought to running a Children’s Summer Holiday Club in the last week of the school holidays. I’m looking forward to hearing more when I return to the parish!

And, of course, our regular round of worship, study, mission and ministry will continue. You are warmly invited to be part of all that lies ahead. Why not try out something new in 2014.

See you in Holy Week.

Simon Butler