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This month’s news from Asi Munisi

A St Mary’s Christmas

Hang all the mistletoe I’m gonna get to know you better this Christmas. The best way encompass my first Christmas with St Mary’s from one of the numbers performed with the newly formed Westbridge choir. The concert on Wednesday 18th December was well received with lot’s of positive feedback from parents and teachers at how amazed they were at how well the children sang with such a short time to prepare. I was so impressed at how quickly the children picked up the songs, the new generation of young people where 8 – 11 year olds can absorb and learn new things and put them into practice within a short period serves as a reminder of the fast paced world we live in today. I am really looking forward to returning to Westbridge in the second week of January.


Sing Christingle was magical for want of a better word. Christingle it’s the light of Christ lit up the Church on Sunday 8th December. The Service was enjoyed and the light of Christ was shared amongst the congregation. We also raised a bit of money for the children’s society which will help the children’s society to bring Christ’s light into the worlds of children who have experienced and lived in darkness. Shine Jesus Shine our last hymn prays that Christ’s light will fill our world and set our hearts on fire. The blessing was shared with big smiles, it’s amazing how a smile can brighten up someone’s day. One of the things I love about the Christmas season, London becomes more smiley.Christingle

Ella, Alec, Aine, Maria and Joshua are looking forward to their sweets. Well deserved after their wonderful singing led by Aine on the piano. We were so blessed to have two flutes one played by Alec’s mum Kate and a guitar which made for a great Christingle band.

Eat, play, love Eat, play, love

Eat, play, love was certainly what our Monday toddlers did at the cafe for their Christmas party. With the energetic elf to enthuse the children and great food to re charge after being taken on an exciting journey of their imaginations with Elf.  Some of our toddlers really embraced the Spirit of things by coming in fancy dress.

Christmas party

Katherine Low Settlement treated their staff and volunteers with a Christmas party with drinks at the Candlemaker on Battersea High Street and some Mexican food. Spirits were high and the atmosphere was warm and friendly.

KLS Christmas Party

KLS Christmas Party

This was my first visit to the Candlemaker, a nice place, but I’m not a fan of Mexican food and the next morning my tummy reminded me why. It was a lovely evening and wonderful that appreciation for the staff and volunteers was shown. It’s great to be valued.

foundincornerLook who I found in the corner at the Candlemaker, looks like our Vicar, choir director and scholar like that place too.

I have a feeling 2014 will be a very exciting year.

Asi Munisi